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Volleyball Drills for Beginners

Volleyball Beginner Resources

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Volleyball Drills for Beginners

Volleyball Drills for Beginners

In order to develop the mobility of a good player, one should pay great attention to developing agility, balance and movement. Control of your body is based on fluidity, good balance and sense of rhythm.

Volleyball Beginner resources

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Movement is well suited for the practice hours for each part of the preparatory training and is closely related to the professional preparation of physical development. You must learn how to stop your body in different situations and how to combine different moving elements with separate parts of your body. When playing volleyball, you could find yourself landing only on one leg, holding your left arm stretched over your head and right one besides your back, so total control over your body is vital.

To achieve necessary agility and control of your body you have to practice track and field – running, high jump, javelin throw, sprint, shot putting, pole vaulting, also swimming, football and so on. But there are also some events that should be avoided – like running long distance, skiing etc.

You may be surprised but strong muscles are extremely important in volleyball, even though volleyball players don’t seem very muscular (emphasis on the word “seem”). The power released through the hit is very big and you arm has to resist all the forces. So go to gym and train your arms, back, shoulders, stomach and legs. As you develop your skills you are going to jump higher and hit the ball harder, so if your muscles are weak then you can really hurt yourself. If you want to increase your vertical jump in short period of time then look at the best course around by clicking here.

So basically if you do track and field + ball games and go to gym then you will be ready for the next step – you are ready for the “volleyball”, I mean the ball itself. If you are not psychically fit then there is no point to even touch the volleyball, it will not work out for you, sorry. You will just feel miserable because for a typical beginner volleyball is difficult and hard to learn. I have been playing volleyball over 20 years (I started when I was 8) and still I make mistakes for number of reasons, but beginners have tons of more reasons to make mistakes. And this is ok, and its normal but you have to understand that if you want to be any good then you have to prepare yourself and your body. So go play football, basketball, go to gym and do track and field for a year – that’s my advice for you.

I myself went to volleyball trainings in my first grade and the first three years I didn’t even know in which specific training I was on because we did all those things I mentioned earlier and only after 3 years of trainings our trainer introduced us the ball and the rules – 3 years later there was no opponent to us in our age – we became champions quite a number of times, many of our team members were in our national team.

So first, do some sports then com back and read more.

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Volleyball is a great game but to really enjoy it, you have to know the basics and, of course, you need to practice. If you are beginner in playing volleyball then you are in the right place. Here you can find everything you need to start your career as a volleyball player or just a volleyball enthusiast :)