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Volleyball History

Volleyball was invented by William Morgan in the 1890ies, who at the time was director of Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

Morgan developed the game for businessman’s association for physical exercise. At that time, America had only three popular and wide spread games: baseball, football and basketball. But all of them were brutal, and precipitate games. Morgan wanted a game that is “not as brash or powerful”, but still which would make the Americans heart pumping.

Morgan installed tennis net six feet in height to a gym. He removed the hard shell from an old leather basketball and left only black inner tube, and that was all the necessary equipment. He called the game mintonette. Dr. A. T. Halsted from Springfi College edited the current name of the game to volley (volleyball). “The idea,” he explained, “is that the ball flies over the network and back again, so why not call it volleyball? “